CreativePharmaBd is a woocommerce-based website that sells drugs for treating all kinds of diseases. It is a marketplace for selling imported drugs. Pharmacists can sign up on the platform to sell their drugs.

The website provides 24-hour customer service and quick delivery. Customers can send the prescription of their drugs for a quick and hassle-free delivery. The platform offers health and medicine consultation to enlighten customers about the practices that promote good health.


Orange Toolz developed the ecommerce website for CreativePharmaBd store to:

  • Enhance functionality, improve user experience and maximize up-sell opportunities.
  • Make it easy to navigate and conversion-focused so that it can boost sales.
  • Create a unified ecommerce platform that grows businesses.
  • Increase front-end sales with an ecommerce that fits the needs of users’ pharmacies.

Technologies used

Technologies used for the project include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce


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