DevoTech is a digital platform that helps to foster the technology ecosystem in Bangladesh. The platform brings together a rich network of talents, technology and solutions that can be deployed to invent new potentials.

The platform offers strategically crafted technology, defines infrastructure with business vision and empowers talents with the right tools and velocity. DevoTech offers connected plug and play workplace and R&D facilities for IT, technology industry and startups in Bangladesh.


OrangeToolz designed and developed DevoTech’s website to: 

  • Turn people into fans, clients, customers and users through a user-friendly and engaging design.
  • Increase website page views, visitor retention, leads and sales through a responsive design.
  • Facilitate a well-planned SEO strategy.
  • Design a user-interface that enables users to navigate easily and efficiently find what they need.

Technologies used

Technologies used for the project include: 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress


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