FamousKingBd is an ecommerce website where all kinds of products (comprising fashion, kids’ products, women’s items, engineering and medical notebooks, electronics etc) can be sold and bought. Customers can order their items on the store and have their orders delivered at their doorsteps for free.

The website offers 24-hour services for prompt response. It also provides return and refund policy that enables customers to return expired, unused and bad products.


Orange Toolz developed the store to:

  • Increase relevant traffic.
  • Develop an ecommerce website that provides visitors a personalized experience.
  • Design easy-to-navigate, conversion-focused store that boosts sales.
  • Design a responsive store that adapts seamlessly to the screen and resolution of the viewing device.
  • Increase web sales of products.


Technologies used

Technologies used for the project include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce



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