B2B ecommerce: 5 trends that you should focus on in 2019

B2B ecommerce: 5 trends that you should focus on in 2019

B2B has been lagging behind B2C ecommerce due to the technological innovations that the latter makes use of. The complex requirements of B2B ecommerce have not been adequately catered for by different technology platforms unlike B2C’s simpler needs. Highlighted below are five B2B trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2019.

 Increase In The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will keep expanding into B2B ecommerce industry in 2019. B2B platforms will take advantage of the technological advancements enjoyed by B2C and effectively apply it to their needs. The adoption of these technologies will help B2B companies to optimize the layout of their websites and identify the products that are relevant to their markets.

More Focus On The Design And Execution of Omnichannel Strategies

B2B transactions are more complex than B2C’s. They involve complex buyer and seller approvals, payments and fulfillment options amongst others. The benefits that are enjoyed when there is consistency across
different B2B ecommerce channels are numerous; however, it is very difficult to execute it. It is important to provide customers with easy access to online and offline channels and to sales executives that will help during any stage of the purchase process. As a result of these factors, the B2B industry will experience the evolution of omnichannel commerce.

Increase In The Use of Video Content

Videos are widely consumed by internet users. They are very useful for industries selling products that need some level of buyer education, or products that buyers need to see in action. B2B sales can be improved through the use of video contents that tell a brand’s story. The videos can also be used for product overviews sharing the value of a product through customer reviews.

Chatbots Will Be Used To Chat With Customers

One of the ecommerce trends that will be adopted in 2019 is the use of chatbots to interact with customers. Chatbots will be used to answer customers’ questions and to also assist them during the purchase process. B2B ecommerce can use this for basic customer support, personalized recommendations and complex sales interactions.

Increase In The Growth of Voice-Assisted Commerce

Consumers are already familiar with different software and hardware voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Echo. It shouldn’t however, be a surprise if by 2020 half of all searches are done through the aid of voice assistants. Voice commerce is a trend that is hugely developing. If you want to boost your B2B ecommerce sales, it’ll be reasonable to implement a voice-assisted strategy. You can start with search and then expand into other areas of B2B interactions.


As a B2B company, you should do all it takes to benefit from all the expected trends discussed in this article. Despite the complexities involved in implementing these strategies, B2B companies will experience a boost in their sales if they focus on tapping into these trends.

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