Ecommerce website design mistakes that you should be mindful of in 2019


Irrespective of the size or shape of your website, its design plays a critical role in its success. No matter how innovative your idea is, your web design will determine whether it will survive the challenging world of ecommerce. In order to ensure that your web design is on the right track, here are some mistakes that are usually made in ecommerce design. By rectifying these mistakes, you will be able to increase your chance of providing your users with the memorable experience that they deserve; this will go a long way in boosting revenue.

Difficulty In Finding The Right Product

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How will you feel if you have even the smallest trouble finding a product that you’re interested in. According to Google, a website has about 4 seconds to give their customers what they need. Your search results should help your users to instantly find the products they need. Apart from the product’s name, your customer must also be able to find a product by using its size, color, model and lots more.

Annoyingly Slow Page

The average time that a website needs to load, according to, is 2 seconds. Anything higher than this is a waste of time and can annoy users. Factors such as hosting server, number of contents on the web page and internet speed amongst others influence the loading speed of a website. The most important factor that influences a website’s loading speed is web design. You need to ensure that your homepage loads quickly when compared to other pages on your website because Google considers its speed when indexing your site.

Images With Poor Quality

High Definition images with good attention to detail are very important in determining the success of an ecommerce website. A good design practice involves hiring a professional photographer. The photographer will help you pick high quality images that you can use for your website. As a matter of fact, this task accounts for about 30% of the work that needs to be done on an ecommerce website. Another practice that you should focus on is enlarging the features inside the product page.

Lack of Trustworthy Design

Your website’s design can be used to judge how trustworthy it is. If you have the necessary expertise in web design, then you can create a website on your own. Otherwise, it’s advisable to hire an expert with excellent skills. A professional knows the right design elements, good color selection and animations that will make your website trustworthy.

Irresponsive Design

According to data gathered from Google Insight, about 95% of internet users access the internet via their mobile devices. The use of desktops for accessing websites will greatly reduce in 2019. If your website is not responsive, you will not only end up losing potential customers, you will also be penalized by Google from ranking in top search results.

Confusing Navigation

You will be able to gain your prospects’ trust if every page on your website has an easy-to-understand navigational page. Most well-renowned websites have implemented professional designs that gave room for swift navigation and your ecommerce website must not be left out. It’s important for your website to adopt navigation that will provide a top notch user experience.


The design of an ecommerce website should not be joked with if you don’t want to lose your spot for becoming the next big thing in the ecommerce industry. Hiring the service of a professional web design company, such as Orange Toolz, will go a long way in increasing your website’s credibility and boosting your brand image.

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