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Overview Resortmarketing is a call tracking application. Users can purchase a virtual number from Twilio. A forward number can then be set up for the purchased virtual number. Users can use an incorporated plugin to use the virtual number in any project. The various properties of the calls can be monitored in the reporting panel. […]

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Overview The call tracking app enables users to buy a virtual number from Twilio and then set up a forward number for the virtual number. Users can monitor the various properties of the calls in the reporting panel. Goals The goals of the project were to: Track calls and call quality for lead generation purpose.

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Overview ClosingBoss is a two-way communication platform where users can communicate with their clients via text. The platform has automated bot system. The platform enables users to create campaigns for virtual numbers purchased from Twilio. Users can set up various customizations for automatic communication. Users can also monitor their daily communications via the graphical and

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